Illuminated Wall Art
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Lighted Marijuana Leaf Sign

Lighted Marijuana Leaf Sign

Illuminated Wall Art

Width 10.6 " Height 11.5 "
Marijuana leaf to celebrate 420 in style. If you see a plant like this growing in the garden, it's not a weed, it's weed!


Width: 10.6"   Height: 11.5"


How our lighted wall art works:

Each design sits about an inch away from the way and has LED lighting attached to the back. The colorful lighting then reflects off the wall to create the brilliant halo effect.

LED lighting colors  

Lighting Color: 

We offer five colors, the brightest being first, they are: white, green, blue, red, and amber.

 LED brightness dimmer  


You may add an optional dimmer which will take your design from insanely bright down to a soft glow. The dimmer connects between the design and the power cord then hangs right below the design for easy access. Highly recommended if you intend to use the design as a bedroom night light.



Model Lighted Marijuana Leaf Sign
Height 11.5"
Width 10.6"
Construction Material 3mm Birch Plywood
Material Color Painted Black
Hanger D-Ring
Energy Consumption 5 to 15 watts
Usage Indoors only
LED Light Life MTBF 50,000 Hours
Cord Length 10 Feet



LED Lighting         

Ultra-bright LEDs: 

The LED lighting we use in our lighted wall art is insanely bright, brighter than neon lights! You are going to be surprised at just how bright our designs are.


Energy Efficient  

Low Energy Consumption: 

The LED lighting technology is energy efficient. Each unit only consumes between 5 to 15 watts of energy which is much lower than neon signs.


Wall Hanging  

Ready to Hang: 

Installation takes only a minute and all you need is a hammer and a nail, and your sign is on your wall!


Long Power Cord  

Extra Long Power Cord: 

The supplied power adapter has an extended cord of 10 feet. With the extra length you will have so many more hanging placement options and you will not be constrained to being next to an outlet.

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