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Lighted Wall Art Desktop Night Lights Suncatchers & Art
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Gas Mask

Lighted Wall Art

Lighting Color:
Extension Cable:
1 1
Width: 15.5" Height: 13.5"


Gas Mask is iconic illuminated wall art created for the counter culture aligned, the FPS skilled, and for TEOTWAWKI. The power behind the gasmask is it's representation of fear and the literal danger of total nuclear/bio annihilation. You can't wear it but hey, it's more fun than plastic sheets and duct tape.


"It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" - R.E.M.


How Halos work:

Attached to the back of the design is bright LED lighting that reflects light off the wall creating a brilliant halo effect. Our designs are an affordable alternative to high energy neon lights for you wall decor desires.


leds Ultra-bright LEDs: The LED lighting we use in our illuminated wall art is insanely bright. You are going to be surprised at just how bright these designs are.
Low Energy Consumption: The LED lighting technology we use is energy efficient. Each unit only takes between 5 to 15 watts of energy which is much lower than neon signs.
Ready to Hang: Installation takes only a minute and all you need is a hammer and a nail!
Extra Long Power Cord: The supplied power adapter has an extremely long cord of 10 feet. With the extra length, you will have so many more hanging placement options and you will not be constrained to being next to an outlet.
Wall Protecting Spacers: The spaces are tipped with soft gel bumpers that protect your walls from marring and also help to keep alignment.



Gas Mask
Construction Material
Rugged PVC
Material Thickness
Material Color
Distance From Wall
Energy Consumption
5 to 15 watts
Wall protection
Soft gel bumpers
Indoors only
LED Light Life
MTBF 50,000 Hours
Included Power Supply
Compatible Countries
Cord Length
10 Feet
UL Listed
FCC Approved


Lighting Color: We offer five colors, the brightest being first, they are: white, green, blue, red, and amber. colors
Extension Cable: You may add an optional 10 foot extension cable to your order. This cable connects between the design and power adapter. With the extra length you will have a total of 20 feet from the outlet to the design! The color is black.
Dimmer: You may add an optional dimmer which will take your design from insanely bright down to a soft glow. The dimmer connects between the design and the power cord then hangs right below the design for easy access.
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